Please Note Our Weight Room, Hot Tub, and Sauna Facilities Are Temporarily Closed For Complete Renovation.

We look forward to offering you our brand new facilities in the near future!


Oasis Apartments has an unparalleled range of facilities for your safety, convenience, and enjoyment. Click on the boxes below to learn more!


You can forget about gym passes and monthly memberships; at Oasis you automatically receive full access to our on-site gym.

Our Weight Room is well-stocked with free weights, a universal gym, a smith machine, a treadmill, an exercise bike, and a stair-stepper.

We also have highly-specialized training equipment not available anywhere else in town; enjoy your privileged access to our unique R.O.M. interval-training rowing machine as well as our safety-enhancing FreeSpotter self-spotting barbell.

Whether you’re looking to build muscle or lose weight, Oasis Apartments features a variety of state of the art fitness mequipment to help you meet your goals.


Relax after a long day by soaking in our hot tub! Use of hot tubs is associated with many health benefits including muscle relaxation, pain relief, and toxin release.

Our outdoor tub, complete with an auxiliary jet pump, is a great way to promote your health while enjoying the rain!


Enjoy exclusive access to the Oasis sauna! Use of a sauna has been shown to promote cardiovascular health, detoxification, and mental health.

There is no better way to relax than enjoying the peace and quiet of our secluded sauna.


Laundry rooms are provided on every floor of every building; the machines are coin-operated at rates far below those of any local laundromat.

Select units have in-suite modern full-size stacking laundry machines providing exceptional convenience.

Where else can you conveniently and economically wash up to four loads simultaneously?


Perfect for enjoying the beauty of Prince Rupert while running your BBQ, every unit has a private semi-enclosed balcony or patio.

Enjoy the wildlife right outside your front door!


Live with peace of mind knowing no one takes your safety as seriously as we do. Security features include:
24/7 Locked Entrances; only tenants and guests allowed by enterphone can access the buildings.
Well-lit Parking Lot, Entrances, and Hallways
• Central Off-Street Parking
• Video surveillance throughout the common property with over 50 cameras
On-site Office
Resident Management
24/7 Emergency Line

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